Wealth Management Recruitment


THORN / ELLIS, inc. is a wealth-management recruitment firm that services the wealth management sector of the banking and financial services industries. We are a highly specialized boutique search firm with a singular focus: the recruitment and placement of experienced financial advisors (FAs) and investment adviser representatives (IARs) who are currently in production and have assets under management.

the right people

At Thorn Ellis making the right match is our highest priority. With all of our skill, experience and resources, we are a major force within the industry. Our firm is built upon the relationships we hold with both clients and candidates. We are willing to go that extra mile for our customers and recruits, and that is what enables us to retain the right relationships with both entities. Here at Thorn Ellis we value your trust. We are a diligent and disciplined organization that puts its clients’ and candidates’ priorities first. We are also flexible, so we are able to adapt to an ever-changing marketplace. And because of our expertise and cutting edge technology, we are able to provide the right people at the right time. Though we strive for speed in filling clients’ positions and placing candidates, we never sacrifice quality by forcing a fit. Bold innovation and bottom line results are what we are about.

at the right time

Although Thorn Ellis has a broad array of both customers and recruits within the banking and financial services industries, we pride ourselves on personalized service. We customize our approach to fit the unique requirements of each and every one of our clients and candidates. This combination of strength and skill has enabled Thorn Ellis to deliver the highest level of quality for its numerous clients and candidates. Thorn Ellis perfectly fuses state-of-the-art technology with human expertise. By coupling this with our abundant resources, we are able to provide a standard of service unmatched in this industry.


What is Thorn Ellis?

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